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The Arab Company for Ceramic Products (KEPCO), has been established in 1977 as a joint venture company under the Investment Law No. 43 / 1974.
Now KEPCO is working under the investment law No. 8/1997 as a joint stock company, the issued and paid –up capital is L.E 25.000.000.
KEPCO is considered as one of the pioneers in the field of Heavy Ceramic Industry in the Middle East.


   About KEPCO

The total production capacity in average 65.000 ton / annum of the following products by using its up-to-date German and English technologies:


1. Vitrified Clay Pipes with rigid and flexible joints for industrial and
sewage systems comply with ES 56/05, EN 295, ASTM C700.

2. Chemical Resistant Bricks (Blue Bricks).

3. Perforated Pipes and Filter Drains for drainage treatment stations.

4. Refractories , and tunnel kiln cars furniture & construction

5. Anti-Acid and Heat Resistant Masonry Bricks for industrial factories and
power plants’ chimneys.

6. Anti- Abrasion, Anti-Acid Pavement Units.

KEPCO has provided its high-quality products of Vitrified Clay Pipes, Perforated Pipes, and Filter Drains in almost all related public infrastructure in Egypt.

KEPCO has also provided its high-quality products of Chemical Resistant Bricks in flow lining sewage tunnels in the areas of Greater Cairo and Alexandria. It has also provided the bricks for the pavement of many chemical factories, labs, and fuel stations.

In addition, KEPCO has helped the Egyptian Government save millions in hard currencies through its products of Anti-Acid Bricks for power plants, which now are a replacement for imported bricks. Not only that, KEPCO also supplies Refractories for industrial kilns and kiln cars furniture & construction .


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